Tap Into Your Hidden Power

to break through obstacles and create more of what you want in your life and business.

Want to tap that creative flow that aligns you with your purpose and manifests your goals?

It's Time to Re-wire Yourself For Success

Why Re-wire Yourself For Success You Ask?

  • When you re-wire yourself for success, you tap into the creative forces that support you in manifesting your goals.
  • When you re-wire yourself for success, you are tuned into your higher guidance so you naturally take the most effective action.
  • When you re-wire yourself for success, you move with the creative flow so you don't waste energy pushing or struggling.
  • When you re-wire yourself for success, your clarity and self-belief propel you to a higher level of success without taking you "out of your comfort zone".
  • When you re-wire yourself for success, you go for what your heart truly desires without second-guessing or short-changing yourself.

Is This You?

Are you working too hard at creating success?

Do you struggle to achieve your goals?

Would you like to manifest more fulfillment and abundance in an easier and more joyful way?

How I Discovered The Re-wire Yourself Process

I'm Dr. Sandra Camacho Schur. For years I struggled to create success. It was extremely frustrating because I was smart, I was talented I was hard working, but still real success kept eluding me. What frustrated me even more was I saw people around me flourishing who had a smaller "skill set" than I had. For the life of me I could not figure out what was keeping me from having the kind of success I truly wanted. Finally, one day, it dawned on me. I realized that it wasn't that I wasn't smart or talented like these other successful people. The problem was not with my abilities but with my own inner blocks about power and success. I spent the next five years developing a process that helped me resolve my own inner blocks, as well as those of my clients. After three years, I manifested the life I once only dreamed of: a successful business, a beautiful home, international travel, and the abundant fulfilling life I now live. I did it and I know you can do it too. The Re-wire Yourself For Success program is the product of my years of experience working with the human energy field.

"Revealing at the soul level...and a lot of fun!"

"The Re-wire Yourself process helped reveal what was holding me back from achieving my big goal...All the women in the group had their own issues to work through, yet the messages seemed to apply to each of us on some level.  It was fascinating to watch the other members have breakthroughs, too! I highly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to work with Dr. Sandra that you be a resounding "Yes!" Not only is it revealing at the soul level, she makes this deep work a lot of fun!"

-- Carol Ann DeSimine, The Goddess Way Coaching

Here's What the Re-wire Yourself For Success Program Will Do For You:

Unlock the Awesome Power of Your Heart

Tap into your "heart power" so it guides, inspires and motivates you. Up-level your energy so you become clear, confident, and unstoppable. Unlock your life force energy so you are naturally motivated to create success.

Break Though Limiting Beliefs Without Guesswork

My unique Re-wire Yourself process allows you to  release subconscious limiting beliefs without guesswork and without wasting time.   Gain insight so you are empowered to take charge of your life.

Get the Clarity That Guides You to Effective Action

Get the clarity and insight that empowers to take those effective actions that achieve your goals.  Open to creative solutions and think out of the box more easily.

Release Stress and Enter the Flow State

Release unhelpful emotions so you flow with and are guided by the energies of your true desires.  Achieve your goals without "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone" so you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Become More Naturally Magnetic

Have the naturally confident presence that attracts positive relationships without being pushy or inauthentic.  Radiate "heart power" energy so you become naturally magnetic to the right people and opportunities.

"More peace and ease in my relationship with money..."

"Before participating in Sandra's Re-wire Yourself For Success group, I would have repetitive negative thoughts about having enough money to pay the bills, and at some level I also believed they were true.

As a result of the group dynamics, tapping and new affirmations created, I now see negative money beliefs and automatically shift to open, positive and trusting money beliefs.  I am now experiencing more peace and ease in my relationship with money."

Maurine Xavier,  Transformational Leader, Speaker & Divine Guide

"You will love the results in your business and your life..."

"Dr. Sandra is very gifted in knowing how to support the needs of each person in the program. Her words perfectly guide you and just magically come at the perfect time. We benefit individually focusing on our Life Purpose, yet also we support each other as a group... Definitely register for her program. You will love the results in your business and your life." 

Nancy McCarthy, Reiki Master,  Animal Communication Intuitive


"I love how Sandra tailors the sessions for you and your needs and how she can see what you're afraid of without you saying much. She is with you through the whole process.

Sandra's program helps direct you towards clear thought/focus. You are able to think clearly about what you need and how to get it.

This works. I'm finally getting recognition for my work. After my first few sessions in Sandra's program, people are saying good things about me and thanking me. It's wonderful. I would definitely recommend participating in this program. It changes lives."

Priscilla Ripley,  Program Participant

The Bottom Line is This...

The Re-wire Yourself For Success program helps you use your own life force energy so you create success without struggling, over-thinking or,  "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone".

There are so many group programs out here, why should I choose this one?

The Re-wire Yourself For Success program helps you clear blocks directly at the subconscious level so you get immediate results from each group session.

The shifts you experience during sessions align your energy with your  purpose so you naturally take those effective actions that create success. Your own life force energy inspires you to "shine your light" so you attract those people and situations that most support you in your life and business.  You don't need to pushed, prodded or held accountable. What could be better than that?

Similar programs of this quality can cost as much as $697-$2997. But the Re-wire Yourself For Success group coaching program is just $297 when you register by July 22nd ($497 after 7/22/21.)

Want to go deeper? The VIP program also includes 3 -- 90 minute 1-1 aura reading and clearing sessions with me, Dr. Sandra Schur. In these more personalized sessions we go deeper into your specific issues and create transformation at the deepest level. The VIP program is just $997 when you register by 7/22/21. ($1997 after 7/22/21)

Space is limited -- be sure to lock your spot now before they are all gone.

    The Re-wire Yourself For Success Group Program Includes:

  • 6 Bi-weekly Live 2 hour Group Zoom Meetings
  • Email support
  • Private FB group
  • VIP upgrade also includes 3-90 minute personalized 1-1 aura reading and clearing sessions with me.


Clear Your Money Blocks and Open to Abundance -- 4 Hour Live Online Workshop --VALUE $297


In this money breakthrough workshop, we will take a deep dive into your energy field and identify and remove any limiting beliefs and/or programs so you can and manifest a whole new level of abundance in your life.  Re-wire your energy system and subconscious mind so it has a positive attractive relationship with money, wealth and abundance. Dr. Sandra will do live aura readings and clearings --complete with color drawings--with participants who desire it.  This workshop is guaranteed to help you shift your relationship with money and open you to more ease and flow around money, wealth, and success.

Bonus #2 -- The Aura Deck --VALUE $29.97


Would you like to: Have greater alignment with your soul’s purpose? Attract and create more success and fulfillment in your life? Break through creative blocks and think out of the box more easily? The Aura Deck will help you do all this and more. Based on color readings of the 7 chakras of the human aura, each card is an affirmative “energy tool” that will help clear and align your energy so you become more naturally magnetic to your soul’s true desires. This 49-card deck comes with complete advanced method instructions to help you: • Release doubt, achieve clarity and gain insight that moves you to inspired action. • Up-level your emotional energy so you become clear and confident. • Drop into your creative flow so you naturally take the actions that help you create success.

Positive energy, crystal clear clarity, and solid self-belief that guides you to the right people and opportunities at the right time.

"Intuition to move through life's challenges..."

"To my surprise this took me deep into layers of belief patterns that I was not fully aware. I thought that would only happen in a 1:1 session but instead, hearing the other participants readings allowed me to go deeper into my own process.  Sandra was a wonderful guide and support for all members of this journey.  I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to hone in on their intuition to help move them through life's challenges."

--Denise DeShetler,  M.A., CMT, Passionate Health Advocate

Let's face it...

The next few months are going to pass you by anyway.  Will you spend it doing the same old same old and getting the same boring and frustrating results? Or you will you decide that it's time to catapult yourself to a whole new level of success and fulfillment?

A Coaching Program That is Fun, Easy, and Effective

Get the Support and Community You Need and Deserve

Get the support you need to inspire and propel you towards your goals.  Ask questions, share, and receive support. Grow and learn every week with a group of dynamic, interesting, self-aware people just like yourself.

Super Easy Process

All that is required is zooming in for your bi-weekly call and participating. If you can turn on your computer and tap on your face, you can do this.  Seriously--it is that easy.

No time? No problem

Short on time?  No problem.  This program requires just one group zoom meeting every two weeks --to get great results. Busy schedule and can't make all the calls?  Meetings will be recorded so you can watch and follow along at the time that is most convenient for you.

Tight Budget?  We've Got You Covered

Small group coaching programs such as this can cost upwards of $697/month or more. But right now you can get access to this life-changing group program for only $297 when you register by July 22nd. ($497 after 7/22/21) Join my VIP program (also includes 3 1-1 90 minute sessions with me) for just $997. (Price increases to $1947 after 7/22/21.)

Be A Participant in This Very Special Program

I have priced this program so it can be an easy "yes!" for you and your budget.  My only request for your participation in the program is that you provide me with your testimonial about your experience at the end of the program so I can spread the word to others who may also benefit. Program begins 11AM PST July 28, 2021. Register today to reserve your spot.

Re-wire Yourself For Success Group Program -- Early Bird $297(by 7/22/21) -- $597 (after 7/22/21) Register Now
Early Bird 3-payment plan $111/month X 3 mos.(by 7/22/21) -- $197/mo. (after 7/22/21) Register Now
Go VIP -- Early Bird $997 (by 7/22/21) $1497 (after 7/22/21) Register Now
VIP Early Bird 3 Payment Plan $357/month X 3 mos. (by 7/22/21) $557/month X 3 mos. (after 7/22/21) Register Now

You Have Nothing To Lose With My No Questions Asked Guarantee

I guarantee this unique program will help you create more success and fulfillment in your life in ways you never dreamed possible.  If you are not absolutely delighted with your results at any time during the first week of the program just let me know. Your money will be refunded--no questions asked.