Unlock the Weight Loss Power of Your Energy Field

Tap into the power of your emotional mind so you feel empowered, satisfied and fulfilled while making healthy food choices and losing excess weight.


Do you struggle to make healthy food choices so you can lose those extra pounds? It might be time to Re-wire For Weight Loss.

Why Re-wire For Weight Loss ?

  • When you re-wire for weight loss, you are naturally motivated to make healthy food choices.
  • When you re-wire for weight loss, you practice mindful eating without feeling "deprived."
  • When you re-wire for weight loss, you form new habits that naturally shed your excess pounds.
  • When you re-wire for weight loss, you have a new relationship with food that supports optimal health and wellness.
  • When you re-wire for weight loss, you actually enjoy practicing those healthy habits that shape and maintain your lean healthy body.

Is This You?

Are you tired of losing weight and then gaining it back?

Do you feel discouraged or disheartened when you look in the mirror and/or see pictures of yourself?

Is excess weight making you more tired and less energetic?

Do you find yourself eating when you're not hungry and then regretting it?

Would you like to have a slimmer healthier body that you feel proud of?

How I Discovered The Re-wire For Weight Loss Process

I'm Dr. Sandra Schur. For years I carried around excess weight. It started in my thirties when I experienced a series of traumatic life events that created a long period of ongoing stress.

I formed the habit of turning to food for emotional comfort, as a kind of "de-stressor." Of course the de-stress effect was only temporary. Like they say, "a minute on the lips, forever on the hips." Thirty years later, during the pandemic, I found myself gaining even more until I had over 25 pounds of excess weight.

My breakthrough happened when one day I realized that part of me was using the weight as a dysfunctional form of protection. I actually had a deep fear of being seen, standing out and being fully empowered in my life. Once I healed these deep inner conflicts using the aura energy healing methods I have developed, I  actually began to enjoy eating less. I felt empowered around food, like I had just discovered a new super power. My relationship with food changed entirely.

I no longer eat to comfort myself or when I am not hungry. I still enjoy eating my favorite foods, but in moderation. With my new habits of eating healthier food in smaller portions and exercising more regularly, I have lost 25 pounds, without struggling and without feeling deprived. I did it and I know you can do it too.

"I lost 26 pounds..."

"Working with Sandra was incredible. I lost 26 pounds as a result of her program. It is astounding how many limiting beliefs and programs we can absorb from our society and family or trauma… I didn’t even realize how much they had been holding me back from my potential. The combination of aura reading and tapping works deeply and quickly. I have seen so much progress each week both in my self-care and in my career. And my art career is taking off! Thanks, Sandra, for your aura work and your magic!"

Carmen Sanchez,  Artist, Healer

"I lost 13 pounds and am at my lowest weight in 10 years!"

" In 90 days, I lost 13 lbs. and am at my lowest weight in 10 years! I like the weekly support, the 'secret' tips that work wonders, and found the tapping to have lasting effects each week. Sandra presents a plan that's easy to follow and motivating, never leaving me feeling that I'm depriving myself. What I like most is that her sessions resolve deeper personal issues, such as alignment and self worth... which are often at the root of holding on to unwanted weight. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants an 'alternative' way to release excess pounds and improve overall well-being."

-- Carol Ann DeSimine, The Goddess Way Coaching

Here's What the Re-wire For Weight Loss Program Will Do For You:

Unlock the Weight Loss Power of Your Energy Field

Tap into your aura--your emotional body-- so it inspires and motivates you to make make healthier food choices.  Up-level your energy so you become clear, confident, and unstoppable on your weight loss journey. Unlock your life force energy so you are naturally motivated to form new healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

 Release Subconscious Programs That Cause Over-eating

My unique Re-wire process supports you to release subconscious programs and stressors that can cause cravings, over-eating, and unhealthy lifestyle habits.  Gain insight so you are empowered to create new habits and master your weight and your life.

Re-wire Self-sabotaging Patterns to Create New Food Habits

Release blocks and self-sabotaging patterns so you more easily practice healthy self-care and honor your body's real needs and desires. Design and form new food and self-care habits that empower you to be your healthiest happiest self.

Stop Struggling to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Design a customized food plan that lets you enjoy your favorite foods while still losing weight.  Achieve your weight loss goals in a simple systematic way so you enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Conquer Emotional Eating

Conquer the emotional eating that causes you to over-eat. Master redirecting your energy so you steer it towards choices that support your weight loss goals.  Be 100% "on board" emotionally with losing weight 24/7 so you cultivate and maintain your ideal weight.

"I have lost 15 pounds..."

"Sandra’s weight loss techniques are personal and enriching tools that we learned how to harness during each week on our own.  The class check-ins and aura readings became a fun part of my schedule that I looked forward to. I was amazed at how the aura readings helped me get a grasp on the deeper personal issues that were at the root of my eating habits. They enabled me to overcome my habit of emotional eating and direct my food choices from a place of empowerment. I have lost 15 pounds so far and plan to keep going!" 

Pamela Underhill, Artist

The Bottom Line is This...

The Re-wire For Weight Loss program helps you tap into your own life force energy so you are energized to create new self-care habits that help you lose weight without struggling or feeling deprived.

    The Re-wire For Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • 12 weekly Live 90-minute Group Zoom Meetings (value--$1197)
  • Re-wire For Weight Loss Workbook (value $49)
  • 10 Re-wire For Weight Loss Video Modules (value $497)
  • Email support
  • Private FB group


Bonus #1 -- 60" 1-1 Weight Loss Aura Reading and Clearing Session (value $297)


This 60" 1-1 aura reading and clearing session with Dr. Sandra will help you pin point the causes of your weight loss challenges so you can get in emotional alignment with weight loss. Discover why you may have had such a hard time losing weight in the past and the simple changes you can make to start losing it now. We will help you uncover and release your subconscious blocks to weight loss so you can finally lose that excessive weight. This session will help you get emotionally aligned with healthy self-care and weight loss so losing weight becomes an easy natural process that makes you feel good about yourself.

Bonus #2 -- BONUS VIDEO--Love to Exercise--VALUE $29.97


Would you like to: Be excited and motivated to exercise? Make exercise your new healthy habit? Enjoy exercisjng so you are motivated to do it regularly? This video will guide you step-by-step through an energy healing process that will clear and align your energy so you become inspired and motivated to exercise and make it your new healthy habit.

Bonus #3 -- List of Weight Loss Resources (value $49)


I have compiled all the tools and resources that have helped me on my weight loss journey so you can make attaining your weight loss goals even easier.  This comprehensive list of weight loss resources will give you helpful ideas on additional things you can use to create your lean healthy body and healthy lifestyle in the way that works best for you.

Get the inner motivation and emotional alignment that lets you form new healthy habits.  Naturally shed those excess pounds and enjoy your new lean body.

"Eliminated my food cravings!"

"Eliminated my food cravings..."

"In taking this program, I have certainly lost weight but the other benefits have been surprising and delightful.  With Dr. Sandra’s support, I have now reset my eating to a plan that truly supports my physical body and has eliminated my food cravings. In addition, through the weekly aura readings and tapping, I have identified and released out-dated ways of self-soothing that no longer serve me. The program is fun as well as being effective and efficient.  I highly recommend it!"

Aimee-Lyndon-Adams, Consciousness Leader, Author, Speaker

Let's face it...

The next few months are going to pass you by anyway.  Will you spend them being depressed about your weight?  Or will you decide that it's finally time to be a slimmer trimmer you?

A Weight Loss Program That is Simple, Fun, and Effective

Get the Energetic Alignment You Need to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Each week you will receive an aura clearing and healing so you get the energetic alignment you need to propel you towards your weight loss goals. Ask questions, share, and receive support. Get slimmer and share your wins every week with a group of dynamic, interesting, self-aware people just like yourself.

Simple Step By Step Process

The complete Re-Wire For Weight Loss system is broken down for you into a simple step-by-step process. All that is required is to watch the videos, follow the steps, and zoom in for your weekly call and participating.  Seriously--it is that easy to achieve permanent sustainable weight loss.

No Time? No Problem

Short on time?  No problem.  This program requires just 30" day and one group zoom meeting per week to get great results.

Intimate Small Group Format

Each group is limited to just five participants so you can receive maximum support and individualized attention.

There are so many weight loss programs out here, why should I choose this one?

The Re-wire For Weight Loss program is not just another diet program. It is a complete system that re-wires your energy system for long term sustainable weight loss.   The live group sessions clear blocks that have been sabotaging your weight loss goals and also up-level your energy. You will notice immediate results from each session.

The shifts you experience during sessions align your energy with weight loss so you naturally create healthier eating and exercise habits. Your own life force energy inspires you to make better food and exercise choices.  You don't need to pushed, prodded or held accountable. What could be better than that?

Small group weight loss programs such as this can cost upwards of $1197 but you can take part in this ground-breaking program for just $597.

Re-wire For Weight Loss Program Package $597
Re-wire For Weight Loss Program Package 3-Payment Plan $227/month

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Weight Loss Guarantee

I guarantee if you implement the techniques in this unique program you will lose at least 10-20 pounds during the course of the program. If you are not absolutely delighted with your results at any time during the first two weeks of the program just let me know. Your money will be refunded--no questions asked.