Aura Power For Entrepreneurs: Owning Your Unique Niche That Attracts Your Ideal Clients



Friday, October 30th

1:00  PM Pacific Time

4:00 PM Eastern Time

This free online funshop will help you own your unique niche that attracts your ideal clients .

Owning your unique niche makes it easy for your ideal clients to find you. It helps them recognize you are the one they need to work with.

We can get caught up in wanting to help everyone on the planet with our work. Nothing wrong with that except not everyone is our ideal client. We need to give ourselves permission to focus on our area of expertise so we attract those clients who will most value our work. Focusing your niche so it speaks to those who will most appreciate your unique expertise makes you much more visible to your soul tribe clients.  They are grateful to find you and happy to hire you.

 Come join me and my special guest, coach and founder of Glow Living Chandra Lynn. We will be doing live auric field readings–complete with color drawings–and energy clearings to help you own your unique niche so you can more easily attract your ideal clients.

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    Identify and eliminate the #1 invisible obstacle that is currently blocking you

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    Experience how to attract and create success without struggling or "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone"

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    Use the clarifying power of your energy field to break through to inspired action

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    Enter the flow state so you create more success with less effort

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    Open to a new level of confidence, clarity, and motivation that helps you achieve your goals

Dr. Sandra Camacho, auric field consultant and intuitive business coach, has helped hundreds of women to up-level their energy to attract more abundance, success and fulfillment into their lives and businesses.

Chandra Lynn inspires people to love life. As a transformational coach and the founder of, she guides anyone seeking impactful ways to achieve new levels of personal and professional success.