Aura Power For Women Entrepreneurs: Elevate Your Energy Through Creativity



Friday, April 24th     1:00  PM Pacific Time    4:00 PM Eastern Time

This free online workshop will help you to use your energy effectively so you create success through healthy self-care.

In the world of energy your "light" is not just a metaphor but an actual fact. When you honor what your soul truly needs you direct your life force energy--your light-- to manifest soul-aligned fulfillment and success. You take soul-aligned action that nurtures creativity and creates fulfillment and success.

In this free online workshop you will experience using your energy more effectively so you create success through healthy self-care Come join me and my special guest business coach Jessica Silverman. We will be doing live auric field readings--complete with color drawings--and energy clearings to help you shine your light brightly and illuminate your path to your most abundant and fulfilling life.

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  • 1

    Identify and eliminate the #1 invisible obstacle that is currently blocking you

  • 2

    Experience how to attract and create success without struggling or "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone"

  • 3

    Use the clarifying power of your energy field to break through to inspired action

  • 4

    Enter the flow state so you create more success with less effort

  • 5

    Open to a new level of confidence, clarity, and motivation so you naturally step into leadership and attract your tribe community

Dr. Sandra Camacho

I am Dr. Sandra Camacho, auric field consultant and intuitive business coach. I have helped hundreds of women up-level their energy and attract more abundance, success and fulfillment into their lives and businesses.

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