Aura Power For Women Entrepreneurs: Finding Balance and Creating Mutually Supportive Relationships



Friday, May 8th        1:00  PM Pacific Time    4:00 PM Eastern Time

Do you find it challenging to create balance? Do you struggle to be empowered in your relationships--both business and/or personal-- so they are truly mutually supportive? 

In the world of energy your "light" is not just a metaphor but an actual fact. When you honor your soul you speak your truth and your light shines. You inspire mutual support, respect, and love. You naturally attract and create the kind of relationships that support you both in business and in life.

In this free online workshop you will release your #1 inner obstacle currently blocking you so you can more easily create balanced mutually supportive relationships. Come join me and my special guest Libby Popovic. We will be doing live auric field readings--complete with color drawings--and energy clearings to help you shine your light brightly and illuminate your path to your most abundant and fulfilling life.

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  • 1

    Identify and eliminate the #1 invisible obstacle that is currently blocking you

  • 2

    Experience how to attract and create success without struggling or "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone"

  • 3

    Use the clarifying power of your energy field to break through to inspired action

  • 4

    Enter the flow state so you create more success with less effort

  • 5

    Open to a new level of confidence, clarity, and motivation so you naturally step into leadership and attract your tribe community

Dr. Sandra Camacho

I am Dr. Sandra Camacho, auric field consultant and intuitive business coach. I have helped hundreds of women up-level their energy and attract more abundance, success and fulfillment into their lives and businesses.

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