Aura Power For Entrepreneurs: Creating From Abundance



Friday, November 13th

1:00  PM Pacific Time

4:00 PM Eastern Time

Most successful entrepreneurs will agree that success requires commitment, a positive mindset, and taking consistent action.

But if our parents struggled financially, disliked their jobs, or over-worked we may have received messages that it's extremely difficult to receive abundance, that we have to work hard at doing things we hate doing, have to work extra long hours, etc. This can create limiting beliefs and programming that can cause us to work harder than we need to or even work against ourselves.

Releasing these limiting beliefs can connect us with that creative life force energy that supports us in creating and attracting success from a place of ease and alignment. It opens us to the creative flow that can support us in more easily manifesting an abundant fulfilling life.

In this free online funshop we will empower your ability to tap into your infinite source energy and so help you manifest the new abundant reality your soul most desires. Come join me and my special guest branding strategist Minling Chuang. We will be doing live auric field readings--complete with color drawings--and energy clearings to help you shine your light brightly and illuminate your path to your most abundant and fulfilling life and business.

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  • 1

    Identify and eliminate the #1 invisible obstacle that is currently blocking you

  • 2

    Experience how to attract and create success without struggling or "pushing yourself out of your comfort zone"

  • 3

    Use the clarifying power of your energy field to break through to inspired action

  • 4

    Enter the flow state so you create more success with less effort

  • 5

    Open to a new level of confidence, clarity, and motivation that helps you achieve your goals

Dr. Sandra Camacho, auric field consultant and intuitive business coach has helped hundreds of women to up-level their auric energy to attract more abundance, success and fulfillment into their lives and businesses.

Minling Chuang is a Brand Soul Activator & Mentor for Impact Driven Entrepreneurs. She is the Founder of Brand Fame and was the Co-Founder of Fame For Good. Minling and her team are on a mission to energize the pure potential within each person they touch, one brand at a time.

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